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Filelinked is one of the most popular apps among mobile device and FireStick users. It allows you to install a bulk of apps at the same time just by using a simple code. Although it still has good demand, it has started to shut down. Therefore, Filelinked users have to tend to use Filelinked alternatives. So in this guide, we will guide you with the necessary information on the best Filelinked alternatives.


What is Filelinked?

Before coming to know about Filelinked alternatives, let’s just focus on what is this Filelinked app. Filelinked is in fact, an indispensable app for smart TVs and smartphones. It is because it allows users to download a bulk of apps simultaneously by using a simple code. Not only that, but you can also share a bulk of apps and files with your friends simultaneously using a Filelinked code.

Filelinked is a prominent tool in the Firestick community for downloading streaming apps and other utilities outside of the Amazon App Store. It is an open-source platform where you can create a code for a collection of apps, share it with your friends, and let access other users.

Filelinked Not Working

Before discussing Filelinked alternatives for FireStick, let’s see why we need Filelinked alternatives. The reason to search for alternative apps for Filelinked is that Filelinked does not work anymore.

When using a Android TV or something similar to Chromecast, it’s hard to download an application and install it. So we need a big container that can store a bunch of apps. For this purpose, Filelinked codes are an ideal choice.

Although Filelinked has been one of the most popular and indispensable apps among FireStick users, now it has come to an end. It is because many users have found risky and span codes among the Filelinked Codes. Therefore, the Filelinked app was shut down during Summer of 2021.

Now, the question is, if Filelinked is an indispensable app for FireStick devices, what to do next? Well, do not worry! There are plenty of Filelinked alternatives that you can use on your smartphone and smart TV. And we are here with a complete guide on that.

Top 10 Filelinked Alternatives

  • 01. Applinked

  • In brief, we can say that Applinked is a clone of Filelinked. It is considered the perfect replacement for Filelinked so far. Applinked works very much similar to Filelinked. So you can download any app by using a simple code through the Applinked.

    It can quickly convert an APK link or a group of APKs into numeric code and let you install apps whenever you want. Once installed, you can enter a code, select an app from the relevant code, and Download its APK using the Applinked app. After that, Applinked will install the downloaded app by using the APK file.

    This special app allows you to download various apps under different categories such as movies, Live TV, TV shows, sports, utility apps, etc. One of the best features in this Applinked app is that it allows you to share images and videos through it.

  • 02. Filesynced

  • Filesynced is a famous streaming app that gives an easy method to install the latest apps. You can access the apps from Filesynced in a method that is very much similar to the Filelinked. You have to simply enter a code into the app so that it will provide the access to download apps.

    Filesynced does not host any apps but it is compatible with fast servers and delivers its content as fast as possible.

    With this app installed on your device, you can access many Codes and install thousands of apps for free.

  • 03. Unlinked

  • Unlinked is believed as the new clone to Filelinked. After Filelinked was shut down, there was a big competition between Applinked and Filesynced. But in the meantime, we found this mind-blowing app that surpasses both of them.

    Unlinked is a magnificent and the best app to replace the Filelinked app as it works very much similar to the Filelinked that requires you to enter a code.

    Many people believe that Unlinked is the new clone of the Filelinked. After the shutdown of Filelinked, there is a huge spike in the users of Applinked and Filesynced. But, at the same time, we got this fantastic service that surpasses both of them.

    It allows users to download and install the apps on FireStick devices easily. Easy codes in the Unlinked will allow you to explore more about it.

    filelinked apk alternatives
  • 04. APKBuilds

  • APKBuilds is an ideal app for people who want a pure database of trending apps. The motto of this app is to allow users to get free streaming apps and other utility apps.

    Although there are many apps that allow you to get them at ease, the main problem associated with those apps such as Filelinked, APTOIDE, and APKMirror is that they all will shut down when the time comes. Therefore, APKBuilds is the best app to use in such cases.

    APKBuilds is the latest platform that allows you to get free Android apps and games. You can get streaming apps, as well as installation guides, updates, new APKS, and changelog of the apps.

  • 05. Aptoide TV

  • Aptoide TV is the alternative built for the Google Play Store and Amazon App Store targeting the FireStick devices. This is known as the best Filelinked alternative for FireStick.

    You can download any third-party app you like and update it within a few seconds by using Aptoide TV. This is the best option for people more likely to use third-party apps than the default apps.

    This special app is famous for its wide range of features such as one-click install, latest apps and games, no subscription, and ultimate design.

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  • 06. APKTime

  • For people looking for trending APKs like Live TV apps, entertainment apps, sports apps, music apps, etc., APKTime is the best app for them.

    You cannot download this app from the Amazon Store as it is only available on its official website. It is an amazing app that lets users download all kinds of entertainment apps like Filmplus, Cinema HD, Tubi TV, Media Box, etc.

  • 07. Downloader

  • Downloader is a specialized app designed for Amazon FireStick and Android TV Boxes. It is known as the easiest way to download apps onto a streaming device.

    Downloader app features an in-built web browser that works with remote control. It is included with some basic file management skills, which makes it possible to install, download, and delete files in the same interface.

    Although there are other apps that can replace Downloader apps, none of them is effective. Downloader is the only option for downloading and installing some apps like Kodi on FireStick.

  • 08. FireDL

  • FireDL is also an alternative for Filelinked that has been available for three years. Similar to Filelinked, FireDL allows you to install apps using a five-digit code. This special application operates as an FTP server, so users are allowed to access any file on their network by using the FTP client.

    FireDL is designed with a simple and user-friendly interface that is understandable for anyone. The procedure of installing apps with FireDL is the same as the Downloader. You can access videos, images, documents, and zip files by using the FireDL app.

  • 09. APKPure

  • APKPure is an unofficial open-source app library service that gives direct access to APK files. It is a simple-to-use application that is fast enough to make it one of the best Filelinked alternatives. It allows users to access a huge library of apps with their older versions.

    You can sideload apps on FireStick TV, that is not usually available on the Amazon App Store, with the use of this APKPure. All the downloaded APK files across all the Android smartphones, phablets, tablets, smartwatches, and certain computers can be accessed through this app.

    APKPure is a very lightweight app, which is just 13.7 MB. Therefore, it is the best Filelinked alternative for those who prefer low-storage apps for devices like Amazon FireStick and Chromecast.

    With APKPure installed on your device,

    1. You can install both .apk and .xapk apps and games.
    2. You can use it on both high-end and low-end devices.
    3. It consumes less storage space.
    4. You can download geo-restricted apps.

  • 10. F-Droid

  • F-Droid is a repository that is an easily installable catalog of open source and free apps for Android. You can easily browse and install apps on your Android device and keep track of their updates by using F-Droid. Most importantly, you can use this app as an alternative to the Filelinked APP.

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