Is Filelinked Working?


Filelinked is not working at the present stage and it is showing an error message telling “Filelinked code not found”. We intend to talk about what has happened to Filelinked, about its error, and the best Filelinked alternatives in this guide.


Amazon FireStick devices are amazing streaming tools that give various streaming services and many alternatives that do not burn a hole in users’ pockets.

FireStick can run apps that are not available in the Amazon App Store, and that makes it even more formidable. There are few apps that help users to install third-party apps on FireStick devices and one of the most popular ones from them is Filelinked.

What is Filelinked?

Filelinked is a mind-blowing app that allows you to make the best out of your FireStick devices. It acts as a third-party app store, a bulk downloader tool, and a bulk sharing tool. Filelinked Download lets you create a numerical code for selected apps so that you can download them and share with your friends. There are many personalized app stores in the Filelinked content. You can download apps from them by using their relevant Filelinked Codes.

Filelinked is not Working

Many Filelinked users started reporting about Filelinked not working, through social media posts. When trying to open the Filelinked official website, it shows a message telling, “Sorry, the page you are looking for could not be found.” When trying to download apps using Filelinked codes, it causes an error saying “An error has occurred, FileLinked code not found.”

The service from the Filelinked app has been offline for some time now, and we could not find an exact reason for that up until now. However, the apps you can install through Filelinked are still available to download. Therefore, you don’t have to worry about any of the apps you downloaded through Filelinked, even though Filelinked is shut down. It is because they will remain unaffected.

The Best Filelinked Alternatives

Although Filelinked is not working, there are many alternatives that you can use instead of it. So here we collected some of the most trending Best Filelinked Alternatives below.

Disclaimer: This web page does not host, operate, or distribute any streaming applications or services. We are not responsible for the legality or authenticity of the apps or services that are listed on this page. This web page cannot verify the legality of each app or service in all regions independently. I advise you to use a VPN program or FireStick when streaming content through third-party apps, to protect yourself.

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    01. Downloader

    Downloader is considered as one of the best alternatives for Filelinked. It allows Amazon Firestick TVs to download files easily from the Internet. Downloader app lets you sideload APKs of third-party apps that you cannot find on the Amazon App Store. It is a freeware application that does not show annoying ads.

    Apart from downloading apps, you can also use Downloader for general web surfing, bookmark your favorite and frequently visited URLs, enable full-screen mode, etc.This app is completely supported by donations through its home screen.

    02. Unlinked

    Unlinked is known as the best Filelinked clone for those who are tired of typing long URLs. Similar to Filelinked, this powerful app lets you download apps onto your FireStick device by entering numeric Filelinked Codes. One of the best features that Unlinked offers is the AES-256 encryption.

    The Unlinked app allows users to create multiple libraries of pictures, videos, and apps. And you can access them on other devices such as smartphones and Desktop Machines and share them with friends. In addition, you can also create, modify and delete your data libraries from a single dashboard.

    03. Aptoide TV

    Aptoide TV is also a fine Filelinked alternative, which is known as the best and most reliable third-party app stores, which houses millions of apps. The app catalog it offers is in fact, way more interesting than the Amazon App Store and Google Play Store.

    With Aptoide TV installed on your device, you can install any app you like. In addition, Aptoide TV checks its apps to make sure that they are safe to use. There will be a green shield for apps that have cleared the Security test. And that will make it easier for your to download apps without any trouble.

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    04. APKPure

    This is an open-source service that gives direct access to APK files. APKPure is an easy-to-use, fast app, which makes it a decent alternative for Filelinked. With this app installed on your device, you can access a wide range of apps and catalogs. It is a lightweight app with 13.7 MB of small size, which is optimized well for devices with low-storage such as Google Chromecast and Amazon FireStick.

    05. APKTime

    APKTime is a destination that has one stop for the most famous and the newest APKs. Since Filelinked stopped working, APKTime has been one of the best alternatives for it. It brings apps that are not found in official app stores.

    The APKTime software is updated on a regular basis. You can access apps under different categories such as sports, entertainment, and games.

    06. Filesynced

    Filesynced is another popular streaming app that you can use as an Filelinked alternative. It gives you an easier method to install the latest released apps. It uses a very similar method to Filelinked to access apps from Filesynced. You have to enter a code into the Filesynced app so that it will give users the access to Download apps.

    This special app does not contain any apps but it supports fast servers and gives its content as fast as possible. With Filesynced installed on your device, you get the opportunity to access many codes and install loads of apps for free.

    07. APKBuilds

    APKBuilds is a magnificent app to use as an Filelinked alternative, for those who want a pure Database of trending apps. Indeed, there are many other Filelinked alternatives, but the problem associated with all of them is that they all will shut down with time. Therefore, APKBuilds is known as the best Filelinked alternative in the market.

    With APKBuilds installed on your device, you can get free Android games and apps, including streaming apps, updates, new APKs, etc.

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