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The previously known DroidAdmin application for Android devices has undergone a name change and is now referred to as FileLinked. FileLinked is a tool that allows users to download apps and is available for both Amazon Fire and Android TV operating systems. By using the FileLinked app, users can access numerous user-created lists containing a wide range of Android APK apps and KODI Builds. These apps and builds can be easily installed on compatible devices.

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To ensure security, each list requires a specific code to be entered. Some lists may also employ an additional security measure in the form of a PIN code. FileLinked codes facilitate the quick installation of popular apps or APKs onto your Kodi Box. Users or developers can upload files to a FileLinked repository and simply provide the FileLinked code, granting others direct access to download files onto their hardware boxes. This process saves time, as it removes the need to download an APK file and transfer it to a USB drive manually before installing it on your device. You can find a collection of some of the most popular and best FileLinked code lists available for use from this complete article.

FileLinked APK
December 29, 2023
10 MB
filelinked. Technology Limited
Requires Android 5 or later

How to Download and Install FileLinked?

There are several methods to install non-Appstore apps on the Fire Stick, and one of them is using FileLinked. While it may seem redundant, having FileLinked on your Fire Stick makes it much easier to download other apps. Typically, downloading apps from sources outside the Appstore requires visiting a website or typing a URL that links to the installer. This process is more convenient on devices like PCs or smartphones, which are designed for web browsing and file downloads. However, Fire Stick devices were not primarily intended for these tasks.

FileLinked serves as a file that converts download links into a unique pin code, such as "26648310." It has gained popularity in the Fire Stick community as a pin code for downloading apps from sources other than the Amazon Appstore. You can generate codes for your favorite apps, share them with friends, and simplify the download process for others. In addition, FileLinked allows the bundling of multiple apps into a single code, which makes it even easier to access numerous apps with just a few clicks.

However, it's important to exercise caution when using FileLinked codes. Anyone can create FileLinked codes for any URL, so there is a risk of downloading malware. It is advisable to use FileLinked codes from trusted developers or friends. Additionally, if you plan to stream movies, TV shows, or use unofficial streaming apps, using a VPN to protect your activity from potential trackers is recommended.

How to Use FileLinked Codes 2023 on Android TV

  1. From your Android TV’s home screen, navigate to Settings, then Security, and then enable apps from Unknown Sources.
  2. Launch your browser and go to the URL to download the FileLinked app.
  3. Launch the FileLinked installation file, which is in your Downloads folder.
  4. After launching the FileLinked 2023, select Install. Then the FileLinked app will install and it will be seen in your apps section once it is over.
  5. That’s it. FileLinked APK's latest version is now installed on your Kodi Box and you can now enter FileLinked Codes 2023 to access APKs.

How to Use FileLinked Codes 2023 on Amazon Fire

  1. Enable Unknown Sources on your Amazon Box to install apps from external sources. You can navigate to Settings > Device > Developer Options if you have the new Fire Stick interface. And if you have the old interface, you can navigate Settings > System > Development Options.
  2. Launch the Amazon App Store and search for the Downloader app and install it onto your device.
  3. Then launch the Downloader app and tap on Settings and then click on Enable Javascript. When the warning message pops up, click Yes.
  4. Go to the Home screen in the Downloader app and tap on the Download button on our official website.
  5. Wait for some time until FileLinked finishes downloading. After that, tap Install to install FileLinked 2023 on your Fire Stick TV.

How to Download Apps Using FileLinked Codes 2023 and PINs

filelinked codes 2023

To install the companion app on your device using Filelinked, follow these steps:

  1. Launch the Filelinked app on your device.
  2. Enter a valid shortcode and click on "Continue". This will give you access to a repository of individual apps.
  3. To download a specific file, go to the Apps list on your Fire TV and open FileLinked.
  4. In the main menu, enter the Filelinked code for your Firestick, such as "56975628", into the provided box.
  5. Click on "Continue" to initiate the download of the APK file for Kodi. This will enable you to install Kodi just like you did with FileLinked earlier.
  6. An extra benefit of using FileLinked is that it removes the need for using long URLs with Downloader, which makes the process much easier.
  7. If you find the ads in FileLinked bothersome, you can disable them by clicking the Settings cog in the upper right-hand corner and turning off the "Show Hints and Useful Information" option. This will result in a cleaner home screen, especially if you plan on using new FileLinked codes frequently.
  8. Lastly, ensure that you move FileLinked to a convenient location in your Fire Stick's Apps list for easy access in the future.
  9. By following these steps, you will be able to download and install the associate app using FileLinked Codes 2023 on your device.

The Best FileLinked Codes 2023

  • Filelinked Code 67664537 - Stream It All
  • Stream It All stands out as one of our top choices due to its impressive collection of useful apps. This app store owns a wide selection of over 200 apps that have been thoroughly tested and approved by the store owner. Many of these apps are regularly updated and cater to various needs, including Television Shows, Movies, Free IPTV, Paid IPTV, modified apps, Adult Apps, and other utility tools that prove highly beneficial for Firestick or Android devices using FileLinked Codes 2023. Furthermore, Stream It All also provides a selected list of the finest Free Movie Streaming Websites for your convenience. Additionally, you can take advantage of significant discounts on VPN Services like IPVanish. In summary, Stream It All offers a comprehensive solution, ensuring that you can find everything you need in one reliable store. It undoubtedly stands as one of the best FileLinked Codes 2023 for Android.

  • Filelinked Code 51829986 - Stream Tech & Now
  • Stream Tech & Now proudly presents the largest Filelinked store, featuring an amazing collection of approximately 600 apps. Whether you're in search of free movie apps, television program apps, Live TV apps, utilities, or any other category, you name it, and they have it! The Stream Tech & Now store is diligently updated on a daily basis, ensuring that you stay up to date with the latest versions of your favorite apps. Rest assured that you'll have access to a vast array of options to serve your entertainment and utility needs.

  • Filelinked Code 71607934 - Fire TV Sticks
  • The Fire TV Sticks store is a treasure store of fantastic streaming apps, offering a wide range of both paid and free options. What sets this store apart is its user-friendly arrangement, which provides valuable guidance for new Firestick users. At the top section, you'll find essential VPN services, significant for secure and unrestricted streaming, especially when accessing free content. The following section is dedicated to must-have apps like Blokada, Mouse Toggle, and MX Player, ensuring you have all the necessary tools at your disposal. The remaining sections are dedicated to Movies, TV Shows, and Live TV Apps, offering a vast selection to serve your entertainment preferences. Navigating through this store is an enjoyable experience, and you're bound to discover exciting options that will enhance your streaming journey.

  • Filelinked Code 11039868 - NxtLvLTech
  • NxtLvLTech stands as one of the most bearing and respected stores in the history of app marketplaces. This remarkable store offers a complete selection of essential apps, including the finest free streaming apps currently available. Running a successful Filelinked code store for Android is no easy task; it demands huge dedication and countless hours of effort. Therefore, NxtLvLTech truly deserves the greatest attention and recognition for its steady commitment to providing top-notch services to its users.

  • Filelinked Code 27256340 - Dr. Venture
  • Dr. Venture emerges as a highly multiskilled store, offering an extensive range of apps through its FileLinked Codes 2023. This store shines in providing top-quality options for Live TV, TV Shows, Movies, Kodi Builds, and utilities. One of the key reasons it has earned its place as one of our top picks is its consistent and regular updates. With a commitment to staying current and ensuring the latest features and improvements, Dr. Venture remains at the front line of app stores, serving to diverse entertainment needs and utility requirements.

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