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There are many file transfer tools, but you cannot transfer a whole lot of files at once. There are many app stores for mobile devices and PCs, but none of them allow you to install a bulk of apps simultaneously. But with FileLinked APK, you can get all these done with a couple of simple steps. In addition to that, you can also create personal app stores by using this powerful FileLinked Download. It supports all Android smartphones, PCs, and smart TVs. If you are interested in downloading it, simply click on the Download button from our FileLinked com official website.


Introduction to FileLinked APK Downloader

FileLinked is an Android operating system based application that can perform many functionalities. You can create your own collection of files like apps, songs, wallpapers, or anything. You can also use the FileLinked app to download files on your smart devices, PCs, and smart TVs. This app is most popular among Android device users to create their own personal app stores by collecting their favorite apps and games. All functionalities of the FileLinked are performed with its generated codes. The best thing about that is you can share the generated code with your friends so that they can too access your created files and app stores.

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The FileLinked Downloader supports Android smartphones, Windows/ Mac PCs, and smart TVs like Amazon Fire TV, Android Box TV, Fire TV Cube, FireStick, Nvidia Shield TV, etc. There are many public FileLinked codes that directly address smart TVs. Most of them provide free streaming apps that best suit your smart TV to stream movies and TV shows. No need to type long URLs, you only have to use an 8 digit code to get what you want through the FileLinked APK.

FileLinked APK
December 29, 2023
10 MB
filelinked. Technology Limited
Requires Android 5 or later

Features of FileLinked for Android

  • FileLinked app acts as a bulk downloader tool that allows you to download multiple apps or any other files simultaneously.
  • It has a simple and attractive user-interface that is easy to use for anyone.
  • With the corresponding code, you can get any app or file on your device by using this FileLinked latest version.
  • The application will directly take you to the install option, once you search the specific code for the collection of apps or files that you want to copy.
  • FileLinked APK Download for Android also works as a file-sharing tool that allows you to share multiple files, apps, photos, wallpapers, music, videos, etc. at once. All you have to do is send the generated code with your friends so that they can access the shared collection of files.
  • You are not asked to sign in to any registration to use FileLinked so that you don't have to provide your personal details like your name, email address, contact number, etc.
  • You can create a personal app store by collecting your favorite apps and games and creating a specific code for the collection through the FileLinked.
  • FileLinked APK free app is an essential app for your FireStick, Fire TV, Nvidia Shield TV, or Android TV Box to experience its maximum use.
  • Users are allowed to download multiple apps and games on Android devices that are available in your official app store, as well as the apps from third-parties.
  • The new FileLinked app for Android is a freeware application that you can directly install from our FileLinked com official website completely free.

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Uses of FileLinked APK Download for Android

FileLinked free app was previously known as DroidAdmin. It can be used to download and share all types of files like apps, photos, APK files, videos, etc. You can do both file uploading, as well as file downloading through FileLinked. For instance, if you want to privately share some of your wedding album photos with your friends, you can upload the pictures, create a code for the picture collection, and send the code to your friends so that they can access them easily. Likewise, you can send any of your files on your device to your family and friends by using the latest FileLinked v2.1.2 app.

How to download FileLinked

FileLinked latest app version is not available to install on the Google Play Store or Apple App Store as it is a third-party app. It is only available to download on third-party sources, including our official website. You can install FileLinked by taking the download link from our FileLinked com official website. It has separate download links for Android/ PC/ FireStick/ Fire TV/ Android TV Box/ Nvidia Shield TV.

FileLinked APK for Android 13 and Android 14

FileLinked APK is now fully compatible with the latest Android 13 and 14, offering an enhanced experience for users. This version is designed with simplicity, ensuring smooth operation and easy access to a vast library of apps. Its user-friendly interface makes navigation and downloading apps a breeze. Whether you're upgrading your device or just looking for the latest features, FileLinked APK provides a reliable and efficient solution for all Android 13 and 14 users.

Step by Step Guide to Download and Install FileLinked App on Android

All Android smartphones running on Android 4.1 and above versions are compatible to get Filelinked Install. Follow the step by step guide given below to install FileLinked on your smartphone.

  1. You need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources from the device Settings > More Settings > Security first.
  2. Now tap on the Download button from our FileLinked com official website to get the app.
  3. Tap on the downloaded APK file open it. Then tap on Install.
  4. Follow the on-screen instructions and complete the installation.
  5. You will see the app icon on the home screen when you are done installing.
  6. When all done, launch the FileLinked app from the home screen and start sharing and downloading apps and files with FileLinked codes.

filelinked apk download
filelinked apk install

How to download FileLinked on FireStick

FileLinked is not available in the Amazon app store. You can only get its download link from third-party sources like our official website. You can install FileLinked on FireStick by using either the downloader app or ES File Explorer. It is completely free to download and install on your FireStick device. Follow the step by step guide given below to install the app on your smart TV.

How to Install Filelinked on FireStick

  1. You need to enable Apps from Unknown Sources from the device Settings > My FireStick TV > Developer Options > Unknown Sources first.
  2. Type and find the Downloader app and install it.
  3. Run the Downloader app from your Amazon FireStick TV.
  4. Then the home screen will open along with the preselected Home tab on the left. Click on the URL field from the right.
  5. You will see the on-screen keyboard now. Type the URL of our official website and click Go.
  6. Wait for a few minutes for FileLinked latest version to download.
  7. When it is done downloading, the Downloader app will start the installation.
  8. One-click on the Install button from the bottom right of the Amazon FireStick.
  9. Wait for a few minutes so that app will be installed.
  10. When it is installing the FileLinked app, you will see the installation confirmation on the screen. Go ahead and one-click on Done.
  11. The FileLinked application file is no longer needed so that you can delete it from here. Click on Delete in this step to delete the file.
  12. Click Delete again.
  13. Now you can open the installed FileLinked application from your smart TV and start downloading and sharing multiple files like streaming apps by using FileLinked codes as you want.

filelinked firestick download and install

Step by Step Guide to Install FileLinked on Nvidia Shield TV

  1. As the first step, you need to go to the play store > type and find the latest version of ES File Explorer and install it on your smart TV.
  2. Open the ES File Explorer and go to the Favorite section and add the path as our official website and name as My App.
  3. Download the new FileLinked version to your Nvidia Shield TV.
  4. Go ahead and one-click on the recently created favorite item so that it will start downloading the app.
  5. You need to enable Unknown Sources from Settings and allow ES File Explorer to install unknown apps now.
  6. Find the downloaded FileLinked new version file using the File Explorer and continue with the installation.
  7. Now you can open the FileLinked application and use the generated codes for downloading and file sharing.

Step by Step Guide to download FileLinked APK on Android TV Box

  1. First, you need to go to Google Play Store > Downloads section and install Puffin TV.
  2. Type our official website URL and let the TV find it.
  3. Scroll down to the FileLinked application and click on it.
  4. Now, you need to one-click on the Download option.
  5. When the downloading is finished, go back to the Puffin TV home screen.
  6. Find the FileLinked installation file from the left tab down to the Downloads section.
  7. Install the FileLinked app and open.
  8. Now you can enter FileLinked codes and access multiples large data like streaming apps.


Is FileLinked Safe?

Yes, FileLinked new version is completely safe to use on Android devices, PCs, and smart TVs because it does not bring any malware or virus with it.

Is FileLinked Free?

Yes, FileLinked is completely free to download and install and all its features are free of cost as well. It does not contain any hidden payments as well.

What is FileLinked used for?

This free application is used to create personal app stores by collecting the apps from different sources. It is also used to create collections of different types of data like photos, videos, music, etc. If you want to transfer your created data collections, you can also do it by sharing the generated code.

Are FileLinked Codes Safe?

Most of the costs are safe to use on your device. But you need to make sure that you are getting the codes from reliable sources.

What is the Best FileLinked Code?

There are many generated codes by the FileLinked latest app version. You can use any of them on your device. We can name the following codes as the best FileLinked codes that you can find by November 2021. Enter them on your installed FileLinked app and see what you can find in the configuration.

  • 67664537-Stream It All
  • 51829986-Stream Tech & Now
  • 17779393-Jo714 Filelinked Store
  • 76908483 (Pin 2010)-Ezzer Mac Build and APK

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